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Jacqui Francis is the owner and creator of Jacquis Gourmet Foods and is in charge of every one of the Jamaican dessert cakes, Jamaican rum cakes, and Jamaican dishes served by Jacquis Gourmet Foods. A recent transplant to Houston, TX, she specializes in bringing the uniquely delicious flavors of Jamaican food to Houston, TX using the freshest ingredients and best recipes.

Jacqui is an expert in Jamaican food and desserts, having spent 27 years as a restaurant manager and caterer. For 10 years, she was an exclusive chef to the Jamaican Prime Minister. She founded Jacquis Gourmet Foods to bring the authentic tastes of Jamaican dessert cakes, Jamaican rum cakes, and Jamaican-style food to a new audience. With her gourmet cakes and Jamaican food, Jacqui aims to expose Texans to the finer elements of Jamaican cuisine and cooking.

Jacqui’s expertise allows her to create custom spice blends that capture the signature flavors of Jamaican cooking while enjoying a unique taste. Many of the spices she uses also have healthy properties and each dish is made with natural and fresh ingredients for a delicious and wholesome dining experience.

Combining custom blends of spices with authentic recipes and fresh ingredients, Jacquis Gourmet Foods brings the best of Jamaican gourmet cakes and cuisine to signature Jamaican dishes. From Jamaican rum cakes and Jamaican dessert cakes to unique and authentic rubs and spice blends, order from Jacqui’s Gourmet Foods today to enjoy the taste of Jamaica without leaving home.

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